Who Hires 15-Year-Olds?


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The most popular jobs available to 15-year-old individuals are positions as amusement park workers, lifeguards, pet sitters and babysitters, or working for a family member. Other options that are not as well-known are housekeeping and tutoring, or working as a golf caddy, newspaper delivery person or a sports team assistant.

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Each company has different rules, many of which are based on government regulations and general labor laws. There are restrictions on how many hours a week a 15-year-old can work, because most kids at this age are still in school. There are also curfews on most jobs for the same reason.

Amusement parks have a variety of jobs available to younger kids for lower pay. Water parks hire lifeguards, line monitors, maintenance workers and crews who set up and take down equipment for events. While these jobs usually pay less, they give the opportunity to move up later in the company if hard work is proven.

Fifteen-year-olds with existing skills can train others. If they are already skilled in musical instruments, choreographed dance, acting, advanced math, cooking or cleaning, they can pass this training on to others while earning money for their knowledge. Private tutoring is often sought by parents for younger children who need help with school subjects and lessons.

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