How Do You Get Hired by a Travel Agency?


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Obtain a job with a travel agency by submitting an application and a resume that demonstrates appropriate experience in the field, such as working at another agency or in a position that involves booking accommodations and working with clients. If you don't have relevant work history, take an online training course to bolster your experience.

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Websites such as TravelAgentTrainingCenter.com and TheTravelAcademy.com offer information about various online travel agent training courses, which cover basic concepts of the position and demonstrate the use of different tools for finding and booking reservations for clients. These courses also teach you about industry terms and best practices and allow you to experience the daily activities of a travel agent. After you finish one of these courses, include proof of completion with your application to show the travel agency that you have both a desire for the job and that you understand specific aspects of its requirements.

If you already have past experience as a travel agent or experience in a similar field, such as an airline ticket agent or a hotel concierge, tailor your resume to highlight the most relevant skills. Explain your familiarity with locating and obtaining accommodations for guests, understanding of different computer systems and your accomplishments in these positions. Submit your application and resume, along with any course certification, to the travel agency with the open position.

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