How Do You Get Hired to Clean Houses?

hired-clean-houses Credit: Maskot/Maskot/Getty Images

Good interviewing skills are needed to land a house cleaning job, and candidates must share work experience and background information with potential employers. Give employers several character references to contact and pleasantly describe how you can be of service. Researching online job boards such as and maid services websites such as Molly Maid or for local job openings. features current listings for a variety of cleaning jobs, and listings can be filtered by job title and city. Molly Maid offers a state-by-state job search tool at its website for cleaning team partner and team leader openings at its franchises. The house cleaning jobs page at lists house cleaner jobs.

Getting hired to clean houses requires possessing the skills needed to perform common house cleaning duties such as dusting, washing, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming rooms as needed. Other tasks involve emptying trash, sorting and cleaning clothes, polishing silver and running errands. House cleaning jobs are often physically demanding, and you must be able to spend hours on your feet and lift a certain amount of weight. Before taking a job consider the home conditions, number of hours, number of rooms that require cleaning and difficulty of cleaning tasks. Consider the type of cleaning supplies used, time needed to clean each room and the amount of pay.