How Do You Get Hired?

Increase your chance of getting hired for a job by creating a customized resume and cover letter, having excellent referrals, being confident during interviews, and touching base with hiring managers after each interview. Sending a thank-you letter or card after the interview is also a nice touch.

  1. Create a customized cover letter

    Write a unique cover letter for every position you apply for, and highlight how your skills match each specific job opening.

  2. Get referrals

    Obtain referrals from those who have worked with you in past jobs as well as those who know your work ethic and character from personal endeavors.

  3. Look your best, and exude confidence during interviews

    Wear proper interview attire. Stand up straight, and try to appear confident. Answer questions authoritatively, and ask questions to show interest in the job.

  4. Follow up the interview

    After each interview, touch base with the hiring manager. Call and thank him for the interview, and inquire about your potential for acquiring the position. Even if the job has been filled, you then know to move on to the next potential match.

  5. Send a thank-you card

    Show your appreciation for the interview by sending a thank-you note or card. Include points of discussion you had during the interview. This shows you were paying attention.