How Do You Hire Security Guard Patrol Services?


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Hire a security guard patrol service by contacting a local or national security firm, explaining your needs and requesting a quote to review pricing options. Alternatively, contact local law enforcement to inquire about hiring off-duty officers, or post an ad on job-listing or classified sites.

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Begin by locating the security firms that operate in your region by reviewing the coverage areas of national companies, such as Securitas, or by locating smaller private firms in local business directories. Reach out to each agency to find out the exact services available and their corresponding prices to determine which option is best for your needs and your budget. Consider factors such as the area that needs protection, the number of guards you want on each shift, whether or not you need armed guards and the duration of your protection period, as they all contribute to the final cost.

Many local police departments offer programs that allow off-duty officers to provide security services under specific circumstances, such as during a special event or to protect an individual during a short stay. Also consider posting an ad on sites such as Craigslist,org or Indeed.com explaining your protection needs, the requirements for applicants and your available budget. Indeed.com focuses mostly on long-term positions, whereas Craigslist.org contains sections for both long-term and short-term employment.

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