How Do You Hire a Sales Representative?

The ideal way of hiring a sales representative involves interviewing existing clientele, composing an accurate job description, determining a fair and reasonable compensation plan, advertising the job opening and interviewing candidates. Once a suitable candidate is determined, hire conditionally on a trial period to see if the candidate is fit for the job, as noted by Inc. Magazine.

The following shows one way of hiring sales representatives, as noted by Inc. Magazine.

  1. Evaluate the sales process of the business
  2. Examine the sales process of the business to determine what type of a seller it takes to improve it and make it grow.

  3. Interview existing clients
  4. Ask current customers how they want sellers to sell the products or services to them.

  5. Write the job description
  6. Based on the previous steps, compose the job description to be as specific as possible.

  7. Determine a fair compensation plan
  8. The salary plan should be reasonable and proportional to the effort it takes to sell the merchandise or service.

  9. Ask around
  10. Before posting job opening ads, seek and ask within existing contacts for recommendations. It will also be a good idea to contact the local business school, especially those with sales representative programs.

  11. Post the ad
  12. If the previous step fails to turn up candidates, post ads about the job opening.

  13. Interview applicants
  14. Since the candidates may possess the basic requirements, the interview should focus on assessing his character. Do not forget to ask important questions such as how much he sold in a previous sales job or the commissions he made from such sales.