How Do You Hire Hospital Consultants?


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Hospitals can hire consultants by engaging in the due-diligence process, asking for referrals for consultants from individuals in the industry and meeting one-on-one with consultants to discuss their strategies. Hospital personnel should evaluate the experience and approaches of potential consultants and check references of qualified candidates.

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Many organizations opt to ask for referrals from partner or local medical facilities when seeking to hire a consultant. Placing a job advertisement in local newspapers and online job sites may also produce qualified applicants and firms.

A hospital should also determine what it is looking for in a consultant. An organization seeking a consultant to focus on revenue cycle management may opt for a firm or consultant who specializes in investments, whereas a candidate with a strong network of hospital administration personnel may be a better choice when seeking organizational and management strategies.

A hospital should clarify its mission before adding a consultant to the team to give the candidate an opportunity to discuss how his approach and strategies are in line with the goals of the organization. Hospital personnel should also involve department heads in the process of hiring. Department heads can help to create a checklist of questions that address the concerns or problems they witness in their area of expertise.

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