How Do You Hire an Executive Chef?


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To hire an executive chef, first sign up with a recruiting agency or an online company with a good reputation that posts job openings. Another idea is to speak with the staff within the company to see if they know an experienced executive chef who is looking for a job.

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When you use a recruiting agency or company, they test all candidates for references and run simple background checks to confirm skills and experience. The agency gives multiple candidate recommendations and works with you to find a chef that meets your requirements. A reputable online company charges a fee to those who wish to post a job opening but also has resources that help you find skilled candidates. Consider speaking to another executive chef or hiring manager at another restaurant to see if they have colleagues who are available.

When hiring the chef yourself, always check references. Require candidates to provide details from leading hospitality companies or restaurants. Ask for reference letters or a description from the candidate concerning the value he brings to the team of chefs he leads. Have a strong idea of what you need from the candidate and what is expected from him on a regular basis. Be prepared to negotiate an appropriate salary.

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