What Are Some Highly Rated Penny Auctions According to Experts?


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As of 2016, some highly rated penny auction sites according to experts are Quibidz, Happy Bid Day, Mad Bid, Orange Bidz and Skore It. Both Consumer Reports and the Federal Trade Commission advise that consumers use caution on any penny auction site.

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BestPennyAuctionSites.org and BestPennyAuctions.info claim that the best-rated penny auction sites of 2015 and 2016 are Orange Bidz, Mad Bid, Happy Bid Day and Quibidz. BestPennyAuctions.net lists the best safe penny auction sites, including Quibidz, Happy Bid Day and Skore It.

Consumer Reports cautions that the buyer should beware when visiting any penny auction site due to the potential for large losses of money. The Federal Trade Commission also warns about large losses without any guarantee to the consumer and urges users to investigate potential auction sites using a search engine and customer reviews.

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