What Are Some of the Highest-Paying Professions?


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Some of the highest-paying professions as of 2015 include physicist, pharmacist, benefits and compensation manager, air traffic controller, law professor and sales manager. Individuals in the medical field often have the highest salary, though the field also requires some of the most expensive schooling.

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As of 2015, $117,300 is the average yearly salary for physicists, $118,500 for pharmacists, $118,700 for benefits and compensation managers, $118,800 for air traffic controllers, $126,300 for law professors, and $126,000 for sales managers. Projected job growth for these jobs between 2012 and 2022 ranges from one percent to 19 percent.

One of the highest-paying jobs is anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists earn a median annual salary of roughly $246,300. Anesthesiologists are tasked with taking care of patients before, during and after medical procedures and administering anesthesia along with related care. The job requires earning a degree and completing medical school as well as a residency.

To qualify for most of the highest-paying jobs in America, postgraduate training and study is often required. Those interested in going into the medical field might have to spend nearly a decade completing their residencies. An individual interested in a particular high-paying job should also consider the occupation's employment outlook to understand how much future growth is expected for the occupation.

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