What Are Some of the Highest Paying Occupations?


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Some of the highest-paying occupations as of 2015 include physician, dentist, marketing manager, information systems manager, and lawyer. CEOs, architects, engineers and air traffic controllers are also among the highest-paying occupations.

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The highest paying occupation is that of physician. Whether viewed as a single occupation or divided into subcategories such as anesthesiologists, surgeons and obstetricians, physicians of all kinds receive some of the highest annual pay of any occupation. Dentists and orthodontists are also in this highly paid group of professions. Becoming a physician involves more training than most professions, requiring anywhere from 12 to 16 years of post-secondary education and internship.

Many other high-paying occupations require many years of formal education. Lawyers, engineers and architects all attend many years of school before they can earn those large salaries.

Information technology system managers need an understanding of the computer systems they oversee, but that knowledge can come from a variety of sources. Experience with the systems is generally more important than formal education. Marketing managers earn high wages for their work in developing sales and marketing plans for new products and services offered by a company. Formal education can be helpful in achieving marketing success but is not necessarily required.

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