What Are Some of the Highest Paying Careers?

highest-paying-careers Credit: BJI / Blue Jean Images/blue jean images/Getty Images

Physicians, surgeons, internists, orthodontists and anesthesiologists are among the most highly paid careers, with professionals in these fields earning a median wage equal of $187,200 annually, as of 2012. Chief executives also take home large salaries, with a median expectation of $168,140 per year.

General dentists bring home an average of $145,240 annually, while petroleum engineers make an average of $130,280 per year. Air-traffic controllers average $122,530 per year, computer and information systems managers take in around $120,960, and marketing managers make an average of $119,480 annually. Architectural and engineering managers make around $124,870 on average each year. Other well-paid professionals include family and general practitioners, prosthodontists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and nurse anesthetists.