What High Salary Jobs Are Available Without a Degree?

What High Salary Jobs Are Available Without a Degree?

Some high salary jobs a person can get without a degree include a purchasing agent, commercial pilot or transportation manager. Other jobs include working as a carpenter or claims adjuster.

All of these jobs require only a high school diploma or equivalent as of 2015, though some of them do require some specialized training to be licensed or certified. Others have on-the-job training. Becoming a transportation or distribution manager requires a high school diploma and about five years of work experience in the transportation field. Managers made an average of $81,803 a year in 2012.

Commercial pilots don’t need college degrees, but they do have to get special training from a reputable flight school. In 2012, pilots were making an average of $73,280 annually. Work experience is not required to get hired as a pilot as long as the person gets the training and becomes licensed.

Carpentry often includes on-the-job training, though some employers might request certification. This job is expected to pay an average of $55,072 by 2020.

Claims adjusters were making almost $60,000 a year in 2012, and the projected number of job openings through 2022 is 80,300. This type of job requires on-the-job training, through work experience is often not required.