How Do You Find a High-Quality Spine Surgeon?


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To find a high-quality spine surgeon, interview a few surgeons and ask them about their qualifications and experience, suggests Spine-health. Look for a surgeon who is fellowship trained in spine surgery, is board certified and who has experience in the type of surgery you are going to get.

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How Do You Find a High-Quality Spine Surgeon?
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It is always a good idea to verify the surgeon's certifications with the state medical board, reports Spine-health. You can also ask for references. These can be supplied by the surgeon, but you should also ask the doctor who referred you to the surgeon for patient references. This makes it less likely that the references are biased.

It can also be a good idea to ask the nurses at the hospital, suggests Spine-health. You can call the hospital where you plan to have the surgery and ask to speak to the nurses in the operating room. Ask them which surgeons they would personally choose. Pay close attention to their word choices, because they generally are not going to give a negative review. However, if most of them are more enthusiastic about one surgeon, that is probably the one to choose.

You can also use online rating sites such as Healthgrades, but these may be more useful in helping you simply find the names of surgeons. Patients who had a bad experience are more likely to use these sites, according to Spine-health. Many doctors only have a few ratings, which may give a biased view.

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