What Are Some High-Paying Senior Job Positions?


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Business operations managers and sales managers both serve as examples of high-paying, senior-level job positions; as of 2013, these professionals earn an average of $114,490 and $116,860 a year, respectively, as reported by U.S. News and World Report. Other examples of high-paying jobs that require some experience include art direction, which is a career many people ascend to after working lower-level creative jobs that require less experience, such as graphic design and photography.

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These jobs are all examples of positions that a person is unlikely to hold without some prior job experience, which is what differentiates more senior positions from entry-level jobs. Management positions tend to be senior-level positions because they require experience, meaning job titles that include the word "manager" may be a good bet for a high-paying, senior-level job. Marketing manager, computer and information systems manager, financial manager and architectural manager are all examples of job titles that correlate with high salaries, according to Forbes.

Not all lucrative, high-level jobs include the word "manager" in the title, though. Lawyers often experience higher salaries as they gain more experience, as do pharmacists. Dentists and doctors can also expect to earn more money as their practice matures. These are also all examples of jobs that require a lot of training even for the lowest-level positions.

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