What Are Some High-Paying Professions?


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Some high-paying professions include medicine, dentistry, IT management and law. These career fields require talent, experience, education and hard work, but they also offer some of the highest average salaries.

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Medicine ranks as one of the top-paying career fields in the United States, though the profession also requires one of the longest training periods of any career. Doctors must complete four years of undergraduate education, four years of medical school and up to eight years of internships and residency. The strict educational requirements pay off, however, as physicians brought home an average salary of $188,000 in 2013.

Dentists also boast extremely specialized skills, though much of their work involves stepping in to diagnose issues and recommend treatment, rather than actually cleaning teeth. Dentists earned an average salary of around $164,000 in 2013, putting them among the top earners in the United States.

IT management involves overseeing major computer-related activities for an organization, a diverse and complex job. IT managers are responsible for an array of tasks, from managing computer security to hiring other IT employees. For their hard work, they earned an average salary of $132,000 in 2013.

Lawyers must undergo years of education and work long hours. Salaries can vary significantly by location, specialty and the size of the law firm, but lawyers earned an average salary of $131,000 in 2013.

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