What Are Some High-Paying Careers for Women?

What Are Some High-Paying Careers for Women?

High-paying careers for women include pharmacists, lawyers, computer and information systems managers, and physicians. Earnings in these careers vary depending on education, experience and specific field of work.

Pharmacists dispense and manage patients' medication and may also offer advice on medication usage. Most pharmacists work in drug stores and grocery pharmacies, while others are employed in clinical and hospital settings. Requirements to become a pharmacist include a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and obtaining a state license.

Lawyers represent and counsel government organizations, nonprofit organizations, businesses or individual clients in legal disputes and issues. Lawyers typically complete a four-year bachelor’s degree followed by law school training. Lawyers working in the United States are required to take and pass a state bar examination.

Computer and information systems managers implement, analyze, coordinate and devise computer-related projects. Responsibilities may include working in Web design database development, hardware and software. Managers may also design IT strategies for companies. Requirements to become an IT manager include a bachelor’s degree in a related field or a more specific graduate degree.

Physicians are involved in patient care. Types of doctors include family practitioners and general physicians. Specialists such as plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists typically earn more than their counterparts. Requirements to become a physician include undergraduate education, medical school and residency.