What Are High-Density Foam Sheets Used For?


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High-density foam sheets are commonly used for making seats in homes, restaurants and car interiors, as well as insulation for wall padding. They are also ideal for packaging fragile goods such as cameras, jewelry, computers, glass furniture and other valuables.

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Manufacturers use high-density foam sheets to make cushions for indoor and outdoor seating. Upholstery business owners rely on their comfort and durability when making home and office furniture, such as dining or office seats. These foam sheets are also perfect for outdoor furniture padding.

High-density foam sheets are also used as protective packaging for electronics and other fragile goods during shipping or storage. The foam enhances the cushioning effect without adding weight to the package.

Another common use is in fitness and exercise equipment. The foam is laminated for gym and yoga mats since it provides a firm yet lightweight, flexible and portable filling.

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