What Are Some Facts About Hiding Money From a Spouse?


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There are 7.2 million Americans who hide money from their spouses, which equates to about one in every five people, according to a study released by CreditCards.com. That being said, it is becoming increasingly harder to hide money from a significant other due electronic banking and money technology, suggests the Wall Street Journal.

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It is common for spouses going through rough times to hide financial information from each other, such as having a secret bank account or making purchases without the other's knowledge. As many as 26 percent of American men have made purchases that add up to over $500 without their wife's consent, notes CreditCards.com. This number is compared to only about 14 percent of women who have done likewise behind their husband's back. Additionally, an estimated 7.2 million people in the United States have some sort of hidden account or card from their spouse, the report suggests.

While a large number of people are hiding money or purchases from their significant others, it may be getting more difficult to hide money because Americans are using less paper money and are moving to digital, writes The Wall Street Journal. Some may want to hide assets from their spouse in order to keep money after a divorce, but all transactions are now able to be monitored using online banking, which makes hiding joint account money difficult.

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