How Does Helping the Needy Help the Community?


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Helping people in need provides a positive effect on the community in which these people live by increasing the standard of living and providing access to goods and resources that allow for larger improvements. Depending on the nature of the aid, it may also allow the recipients to focus on improving the community on their own through other actions.

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Though the specific ways in which helping people in need affects the community varies according to the community and the nature of the aid, in most cases it makes the daily life of community members better and thus alleviates issues prevalent within the area. For example, volunteering at a soup kitchen in an area with many people who can't afford to eat helps prevent community members from going hungry, which in turn allows them to focus on other aspects of their lives such as school or family without the difficulty of finding a meal.

In some cases, the aid may have a more direct affect on the community, such as donating money to an organization that offers job training to residents or after school tutoring to students. Some organizations also physically improve the community by cleaning up trash in certain areas or building public parks and recreation centers, which encourages positive physical and social interactions amongst the community. In this sense, those in need and the community are one in the same.

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