What Are Some Helicopter Employment Opportunities?


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The aviation field includes many types of jobs working with helicopters, such as helicopter pilot, mechanic, and technician, explains to Rotorcraft Pro. There are also opportunities for flight nurses and medics, and in management roles. Helicopter jobs are available nationwide, and there are helicopter training academies to prepare new workers for the field.

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There are many types of helicopter pilots, and opportunities are for both part time and full time work, according to Rotorcraft Pro. Types of helicopter pilots include fire fighting, logging, air ambulance, ENG pilot, photographer/pilot, tour pilot, instructor and pilot in command. Other opportunities exist with law enforcement, TV and radio news, traffic reporting, agricultural spraying, offshore oil work, fish spotting and corporate transport, notes Midwest Helicopter. To be considered for a commercial helicopter pilot position, applicants must obtain their rotorcraft-helicopter private pilot rating and commercial pilot rating. Employers may require experience, a degree and a minimum number of flight hours.

Helicopter technicians must also meet training requirements to be eligible for work, explains Bell Helicopter. To succeed on the job, they must have excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. Their duties include performing inspections, determining when parts need replacement and using software to diagnose problems. Mechanics work with tools such as hammers, lifts, metal cutters and punches.

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