How Is Helett-Packard Stock Expected to Perform?


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The analysis for the Hewlett-Packard stock shows that although it beat its competitors, HP has been struggling to maintain a baseline amount. Its stock has been steadily falling for the past seven financial quarters as of March 2015.

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Since the third quarter of 2011, Hewlett-Packard's stock has fallen 10 percent. The analysis states that there were drops in all sections of the company's operations, with the printing section showing the biggest drop with 12 percent, according to the Market Consensus site. The enterprise section actually had an 8 percent drop through all of this but still made a 1 percent increase. A few sections in the company, like the revenues and cash flow, actually had dramatic increases by going up 44 percent.

Overall, the stock analysis states that the stock for Hewlett-Packard is generally a good idea to hold onto, as of March 2015. It is technically not increasing right now, but it is not decreasing either. With research and development implementing new technologies and advertising on the rise, HP's stocks are expected to rise in the long run. This will give investors a chance to watch for new solid increases over several quarters to ensure a return on stock. There are new advances in technology, and other companies are working towards common goals. If HP can take advantage of this, then its stock will be on the rise again, as reported by the Market Consensus.

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