What Is Hearing Aid Insurance?


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Hearing aid insurance is a special policy that covers repairing or replacing a hearing aid that gets accidentally lost or damaged, notes Ear Service Corporation. The insurance is available through specialty insurance providers such as the Ear Service Corporation and Midwest Hearing Industries, and individuals can often apply for coverage and file claims online.

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Hearing aid insurance plan options vary by insurance company but usually are in tiers based on the hearing aid's level of technology and the extent of coverage desired. Generally, more expensive models will cost more to insure than entry and mid-level models. Some plans cover additional cover repairs necessary due to daily wear in addition to problems from accidents, and some also cover refitting costs if a replacement hearing aid is needed. Plans also may cover hearing tests and impressions for making the aid fit the wearer, notes Midwest Hearing Industries. Monthly premiums are typical, and a deductible may be required.

Hearing aids may need serviced if they are exposed to excessive heat, moisture or chemicals or if they hit a hard service, warns Oticon. Keeping the hearing aid in a clean, dry place away from sunlight and on a soft surface when the device is not worn can help protect the device from accidents that incur repair costs.

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