Which Are the HealthStream Courses That Count Towards Licensing Requirements?

HealthStream chooses not to specify which courses are accepted for continuing education and license re-certification. It states that this information is subject to change and users should obtain it from a state or local licensing board or EMS office.

The National Registry of EMTs accepts HealthStream classes towards part of its continuing education credits. Its courses are nationally accredited, but accreditation for individual states varies. EMTs looking for continuing education must always check with a state or local agency to ensure that the courses are acceptable for state license renewal purposes.

HealthStream's courses are not accredited for new EMTs seeking a license for the first time. The courses are intended for continuing education only and are not designed for learners who are not already licensed EMTs.

Most students qualify to self-enroll on HealthStream's website. Exceptions are organizations looking to purchase courses for employees and EMTs located in Pennsylvania. Individual enrollment in Pennsylvania and organizational purchases in all states must be done through HealthStream's customer service line.

Accepted forms of payment for courses include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and check or money order. Registrations purchased with a credit card are processed immediately; those purchased with check or money order are processed when the payment arrives. This process takes approximately one week for most HealthStream students.