What Is HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital?


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HealthSouth rehabilitation hospitals are inpatient facilities that focus on rehabilitation after illness, injuries or surgeries. The company operates rehabilitation hospitals in 28 states and Puerto Rico as of January 2015. In addition to rehabilitation hospitals, the company offers outpatient rehabilitation services and home health services.

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HealthSouth rehabilitation hospitals provide three different rehabilitation programs, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Physical therapy focuses on increasing the strength and mobility of a patient. Occupational therapy focuses on improving the patient's ability to perform everyday living tasks by fostering such skills as cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene. Speech therapy works with patients to improve communication skills. While HealthSource provides these services at its inpatient care facillities, patients who have the ability to go home may receive home health or outpatient care instead.

Patients who HealthSouth rehabilitation hospitals may work with include those who have had a recent stroke or head trauma and need to relearn how to live independently. Patients who have neurological disorders may also benefit from the company's services. In addition, those who have suffered a spinal cord injury or have recently had joint replacement surgery or other orthopedic surgeries may spend time at a HealthSouth rehabilitation hospital for recovery.

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