What Is the Health Sciences Institute?

The Health Sciences Institute is an organization that focuses on research and breakthroughs in modern medicine. Their goal is to bring treatments for medical conditions to the patients that are in need of them, even if the treatments are considered underground. However, the organization does not provide the treatment.

In order to have access to the options offered by The Health Sciences Institute, individuals must become a member of the organization. Membership requires that consumers pay an annual membership fee. This fee is $74.00 per year as of January 2015; those over 60 years of age can receive a discounted rate of $37.00 per year as of January 2015.

Membership in the Health Sciences Institute gives consumers access to a book that is what the organization considers its Encyclopedia, "Miracles from the Vault: Anthology of Underground Cures". The book includes different underground treatment methods that have been used to treat conditions in other members. These conditions may include prostate cancer, reversing damages to the kidneys, diabetes, congestive heart failure and lowering cholesterol.

It is also important to note that the Health Sciences Institute is not a medical clinic, and many of the treatments listed in its book may not be approved by the FDA in the United States.