What Are Some Health Plans Offered by UCare for Residents of Wisconsin?

With UCare, residents of Wisconsin may receive state-assisted medical coverage, Medicaid, disability coverage and dental coverage. These plans help individuals, families, seniors and people with disabilities receive healthcare coverage, according to UCare.org. Plans vary in scope; some provide coverage for basic medical services, while others include coverage for advanced care such as medication and specialty doctor visits.

UCare Health Insurance offers coverage to over 300,000 residents in Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to MNHealthNetwork.com. UCare offers families and seniors standard plans and supplemental plans. Those who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid coverage can receive medical care through the UCare system.

For seniors, UCare offers two plans: Essentials RX and Value. Both provide coverage for certain services, such as primary care doctor's visits, visits to specialists and hospital care. Essentials RX is a basic plan that requires a copay for some visits and carries a monthly premium of $50 as of 2015, notes UCare.org. For primary care doctors, insurance carriers pay $15 per visit and pay more for specialty providers. This plan covers a portion of in-hospital stays for a certain time period, and it also has hearing aid and vision coverage; patients with this plan enjoy a fitness program and out-of-pocket maximum in addition.

The Value plan has a lower monthly premium and does not charge for primary care visits. There is no copay for routine eye exams, but diagnostic exams warrant a small fee. This plan also covers hospital stays and has an out-of-pocket maximum.