What Are Some Health Insurance Plans Passport Offers?


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There are no general health plans people can choose at Passport since it is a Medicaid insurance company. This means that each policy is already decided after an individual or person applies and is accepted into Medicaid, notes PassportHealthPlan.com.

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Medicaid is directed toward those with little to no assets. This program is run by the state and requires people to fill out an application showing all of their income. Depending on what income they bring in decides whether or not they have to pay to use the service or if they will have free medical care.

Passport is a not-for-profit organization, as noted on PassportHealthPlan.com. It is backed by community donations and grants from the state. Due to its successful business plan, Passport has been able to thrive and in 2015, received a reward for being number 19 in heath insurance plans. Passport helps their insurers by offering great consumer service. Even though their network is also much larger than other Medicaid facilities, they have still continued to focus on building the community.

The health plans are all planned according to the patent. This means they adhere the type of doctors, they visit, the are often able to choose the physician they want, without the worry of having to float around.

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