What Are Some Health Insurance Benefits Available for John Deere Employees?


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Through managed care plans from UnitedHealthcare, John Deere employees enjoy health insurance benefits such as comprehensive medical coverage without pre-existing conditions and dependent coverage for their spouses and dependent children, according to the company's website. The comprehensive care plans covers doctor visits, hospital care, emergency care, vision, hearing and prescription medications. Employees also receive full coverage for preventive dental care, such as semi-annual dental tests and cleanings.

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John Deere's dental plan covers dental services, such as fillings and crowns, but certain deductibles, coinsurance and coverage limitations apply, as the company's website explains. Employees may choose not to participate in the firm's medical and dental plans, but they can enroll in the managed care plans annually, giving them flexible choices every year. Employees pay for their medical and dental coverage on a pre-tax basis, and the company subsidizes part of the coverage costs for employees and their covered dependents.

John Deere also provides health savings accounts, which do not require employees to pay federal or state taxes if they use their funds to pay for eligible health care costs, as the company's website details. Employees may opt for the Limited-Purpose Health Care Flexible Spending Account to pay for extra medical expenses not covered by the firm's health care plans. Employees set aside part of their salary to their FSA accounts every pay period, and they can file for refunds to use the deferred funds for out-of-pocket costs.

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