What Are Some Health Care Services of BrightStar Care?

What Are Some Health Care Services of BrightStar Care?

Some of the health care services BrightStar Care offers include skilled nursing care, child care and post-diagnosis care for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. The organization focuses on providing services that enhance a patient’s quality of life and works with referral services and physicians to ensure coordination of patient care.

BrightStar Care offers child care services to infants and children with special needs based on their unique care requirements. Through trained professionals, BrightStar provides personalized in-home pediatric care that includes toileting and a variety of therapies. The organization also offers comprehensive case management for individual patients when needed.

Some of the personal care services that BrightStar offers to elderly patients include ambulation, dressing and grooming, oral and personal hygiene, toileting, and expertise in managing memory loss and forgetfulness. The organization also conducts home evaluations to minimize the risks of avoidable accidents.

BrightStar Care adopts a clinically based model of patient care that provides patient oversight, assesses a patient’s living conditions, and supervises caregivers to ensure patients receive high-quality care. The continuum of services that the organization offers include wound care, administration of catheters, medication management, hospice assistance and intravenous drug therapy.

By working with the Alzheimer Association, BrightStar Care provides education to the public and family members of a patient about Alzheimer’s. BrightStar’s caregivers relieve family members who are taking care of Alzheimer’s patients and provides full-time home care throughout the week.