What Health Care Providers Offer MyChart Access and Service?


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Many health care providers offer MyChart access and service, including Community Health Network, The Polyclinic, Fairview Health Centers and Swedish Medical Center. Individuals interested in this feature should check with their health care provider of choice and ask if the facility offers this service.

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Other health care providers that offer MyChart service and access are Maricopa Integrated Health System, Owensboro Health and UCSF Medical Center. MyChart is growing to be an industry standard and has been implemented across hundreds of medical facilities throughout the United States. Most medical websites state whether or not they use MyChart for patients. However, if a patient is unsure of this feature, it is recommended that he call the facility and ask. If it is available, patients must sign up and log into their account.

Once an individual agrees to the terms and conditions of MyChart, he is granted access to portions of his medical, online record. MyChart also provides a direct communication channel between the patient and certain providers. The patient needs to recognize that when granted access to this feature, he is solely responsible for any shared information. MyChart is only an available feature for patients 18 and older. Patients can submit a proxy request, which allows them access to a family member's chart as well.

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