What Are the Health Care Plans Available in New York?


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Some of the health care plans available in the state of New York are health management organizations, preferred provider organizations and prepaid health service plans, according to the New York State Department of Health. Some others include HIV special-needs plans and long-term care plans.

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One type of health care offered to residents of New York is the health maintenance organization, or HMO, plan. By law, the HMO needs to be certified by the Department of Health, according to the New York Department of Health. Multiple types of health care services are offered to residents of New York who choose the HMO plan. Primary care physicians and specialists create relationships with an HMO, so that a patient with this type of plan is covered under their care.

With prepaid health services plans, known as PHSP plans, 90 or more of the people enrolled in the plan need to be beneficiaries of government plans such as Medicaid, says the New York Department of Health. New York add a new law in 1996 to allow preferred provider organizations, or PPOs, to include self-insured employers and various insurance carriers. This allows the carriers to cover medical expenses related to on-the-job illnesses and injuries.

Managed long-term care plans were added to New York health care plans in 1997, thanks to the Long-Term Care Integration and Finance Act, says the New York Department of Health. One of the program models included in the long-term care plan is the all-inclusive care for the elderly component, knows as PACE.

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