How Do You Find a Headhunter?


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In order to find a headhunter, network with peers to get suggestions, and then interview each potential recruiter to make sure you find the right fit. Choose a headhunter who is a specialist in your field and has sufficient experience in finding the best people for the types of role you are seeking.

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  1. Check your professional associations

    Many headhunters have experience working in specific industries that can be invaluable when it comes to matching you up with the best opportunities. If you are affiliated with a professional association, it may be able to provide a list of recruiters that focus on your trade.

  2. Network

    Talk with people who work in your field. If they obtained their current position with the help of a recruiter, ask them about their experience and seek a referral. Even if your contact did not work with a headhunter directly, he may currently have a relationship with someone he is comfortable referring.

  3. Interview each potential headhunter

    Ask each headhunter how long he has been with his current company and how he plans to market you. Inquire about his relationships with potential employers. Ask for, and check on, any references he can provide. Use the information you collect during the interview process to be certain you are comfortable with the recruiter personally, as well as with his company.

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