What Is a Head Bartender's Job Description?

Head bartenders supervise all facets of a bar, schedule all bartender's shifts and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to patrons of the bar. Head bartenders also prepare opening and closing shift paperwork, stock the bar area and supervise other bartenders who are working throughout their shifts. Some head bartenders are also responsible for interviewing, hiring and firing bartenders and serving food at the bar if they work in a restaurant.

Head bartenders generally must have at least one year of bartending experience to secure their job positions. While many head bartenders learn their trade by working on the job, other head bartenders attend bartending schools to learn the skills required to become gainfully employed in this industry.

Because head bartenders are responsible for stocking the bar, they must be physically able to easily lift beer kegs, beer cases and liquor cases. Some head bartenders must also work in crowded conditions with up to several hundred people waiting for drinks at any one time throughout their shifts.

Head bartenders must also teach new bartenders how to make drinks and how to use registers or point-of-sale, or POS, systems, in order to sell and keep track of the bar's stock and inventory.