What Are the Hazards Facing Out-Call Massage Therapists?


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Hazards facing out-call massage therapists include violent clients, sexual harassment and people refusing to pay for the services. Out-call massage services are defined as any massage that is done way from the official premise or at the home of the client, states MassageTherapy.com.

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A potential hazard that every massage therapist taking an out-call faces is the risk of violence. When at a client's house, the environment is often unfamiliar and leaves the masseuse vulnerable. This is especially true for female massage therapists. When dealing with a client that may be intoxicated, the situation may sometimes get out of hand, and the therapist can easily become a victim of a violent confrontation.

Out-call massage therapists may sometimes encounter people who make sexual advances, notes HealthDay.com. If the massage therapist refuses to comply, the client may try to force the act. If a situation feels threatening, leave immediately and do not worry about packing up belongings. The police can be called to collect them later, notes MassageTherapy.com.

Some clients may act professional and deceive the massage therapists regarding the amount they are willing to pay but later renege on the agreement. This may mean the therapist is paid less than agreed upon. In certain cases, the client may refuse to pay any amount.

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