How Do You Find Hay for Sale Locally?

Find hay for sale that is locally available on and Both sites offer information on hay distributors within Canada and the United States as of 2015.

To find hay distributors within your area, visit, and select your country of residence, whether it is Canada or the United States. The number of sellers within each state or province is listed; select your state or province of residence to find specific seller information such as the hay type, dimensions, quantity and price of bales. The listings also dictate whether or not delivery is available. To narrow down the results, refer to the drop-down options at the top of the page, and select your specific hay criteria. To contact the seller, select a listing of interest, and click Show Contact Details in the right column. lists Canadian provinces and U.S. states on its homepage. To find local hay sellers, select the state or province of residence. The site lists results according to the seller's area code in addition to information such as the hay type, quantity available, bale type and whether or not delivery is available. For more information, select the area code of interest where additional data is offered. To contact a seller, sign up through the Log In link located in the Contact box.