How Do You Harvest Garlic?


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Garlic is harvested using a simple spade or garden fork when the tops of the plants have become yellow. It needs to cure and dry after harvesting before being used for culinary purposes.

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How Do You Harvest Garlic?
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  1. Lift the bulbs gently

    Using a hand spade or a garden fork, carefully lift the bulbs from the ground, and brush off the soil.

  2. Hang them to cure

    Cure the bulbs by hanging them upside down in bunches in a spot that receives good air circulation and is out of the sun. Bunches should be between four to six bulbs. When the wrappers and roots are dry and the individual cloves easily separate, the garlic is ready for storage.

  3. Store them for later use

    After the bulbs have dried properly, store them in a cool, dry, dark area where air temperatures average 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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