Is It Hard to Write a Good Character Reference Letter?


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Writing a good character reference letter is not difficult so long as the writer knows the subject of the letter, as it is important to accurately capture the person's qualities within the letter's simple format, notes Writing Help Central. These letters are seldom longer than a page and are often as short as half a page, making conciseness an important factor to their quality.

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Character reference letters express that the writer has confidence in the subject and believes them to be a good person, according to Writing Help Central. The letter usually expresses that the subject would be a particularly good choice for a given position or set of responsibilities based on their personality, work history and skill set.

Because the letters are short and follow a relatively simple formula, they are easy to write and do not take long to compose. Writers should focus on a few key qualities of the subject and then work to show through their letter how those qualities manifest in the subject's life and work.

Character letters do require a firm grasp of formal language and in that way they can pose a challenge to people unused to writing formally. Once the simple requirements of the style are known, though, the letters can be quickly and easily written at any time.

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