Is It Hard for a Person Older Than 50 to Get a Job?


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According to Time Magazine, it is not difficult for a person older than 50 to get a job as of 2015. In early 2015, unemployment data for those 55 and over showed unemployment at only 4.1 percent for that age group in comparison to the 5.7 percent unemployment rate for the total population and the high 18.8 percent unemployment rate for teenagers. Despite this encouraging data, it may still take a longer time for older workers to return to work.

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One factor making it easier for individuals over 50 to find work is that an increasing number of companies are explicitly trying to recruit older workers. This includes the large bank Barclays, whose apprenticeship program now takes applicants who are 50 or older. Other employers offer training plans for older employees, including a two-week "returnship" program at Goldman Sachs and a one-year fellowship for older workers by the non-profit organization Encore.org.

Another factor that can make it easier for those over 50 to find work is their willingness to embrace a field different from their previous specialty. This can make it easier to find work in a shorter period of time and to find jobs that may meet other needs, such as being a relatively short distance from one's home.

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