How Hard Is the Medical Assistant Exam?

The medical assistant exam is rigorous due to its broad scope and length but not as difficult for those who are fully prepared, states the American Association of Medical Assistants and the Online Medical Assistant Program. There are also eligibility requirements before an applicant can take the exam.

In order to take the medical assistant exam, an applicant must first meet various eligibility requirements, according to the AAMA. The applicant must be a recent graduate or about to complete an accredited medical assisting program. Recent graduates are those who apply no more than 12 months after they graduate, or the applicant must have previously passed the exam and is taking the exam to be recertified to work as a medical assistant.

The medical assistant exam is somewhat difficult but manageable for those who are fully prepared, according to the Online Medical Assistant Programs. The exam tests for a broad scope of knowledge and skills needed to work as a medical assistant, from medical to general administrative categories including anatomy, physiology, office management and insurance processing, states the OMAP, and the exam is considerable in length as It consists of 200 multiple choice questions in four 40-minute segments, adds the AAMA.