What Happens at a Typical Employee Evaluation Meeting?

In an employee evaluation meeting, the supervisor and employee may review a written evaluation, discuss the employee's performance and make an action plan going forward. The meeting is often held in private at a predetermined time.

A written evaluation takes place before the employee evaluation meeting. The supervisor often conducts the written evaluation by covering specific aspects of the employee's job. The evaluation may include ratings of performance and comments to highlight specific strengths and weaknesses of the employee. Some companies also ask employees to complete self-evaluations before meeting with supervisors.

The written evaluation often becomes the focus of the meeting. The supervisor goes through each section of the evaluation and elaborates on the ratings and comments. The employee gets a chance to share input and reactions to the evaluation. The meeting should allow the employee to ask questions or raise concerns about inaccuracies in the evaluation.

If the employee review includes any problems, the meeting should address how to handle them. The supervisor should explain the expectations and how the employee is falling short. The meeting may include specific steps or improvements the employee needs to make in a set time period.

The meeting typically ends with a wrap-up that summarizes the evaluation. The employee often receives a copy of the written evaluation and may be asked to sign it. In some cases, the supervisor may schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss progress toward goals.