What Happens in a Second Interview?


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A second interview for a job often involves meeting with a different set of people than were present at the initial interview, possibly the actual boss who will make the decision, other company employees in the same working group or a group of decision-making executives. A person called in for a second interview is typically being seriously considered for the position.

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What Happens in a Second Interview?
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A second interview is an opportunity for a job seeker to be a bit more proactive, asking probing questions of the interviewers in an attempt to discover whether the company and position will be a good fit. Interviewers are likely to see how much the applicant knows about the company and field, so extra in-depth research is key to second interview success. Sometimes discussions of salary come up in a second interview, so it's important for a job seeker to know what she will accept. Some companies ask applicants to take various job-related or psychometric tests to assess skills or personality. While interview questions at a second interview sometimes repeat those asked at the initial interview, additional questions are likely to be asked regarding specific skills the applicant brings to the position and how they would handle difficult situations in the workplace. Research and preparation of answers to typical interview questions are key to having a successful second interview.

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