What Happens Once You Accept an Offer Letter From an Employer?


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After accepting an offer letter from an employer, an employee should notify other employers of the change in his working status. If an employee receives a better offer from another employer, the worker should be honest with both employers about the situation before making a final decision.

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In some cases, an employer may withdraw a job offer even before the employee has started working. The best course of action for an employee is to move on. An employee also should be cautious of quitting a job soon after accepting an offer, as such an action damages his reputation and might make it difficult for the employee to get a job in future. Experts advise that employees should stick to their jobs, except in those rare occasions in which the new offer is a dream job, while the current job is only for paying bills. An employee can also quit in situations where the current job has significant disadvantages, such as the wrong organizational culture.

An employee should never accept the first job offer, but should negotiate using a counteroffer. It is important to give a salary range during negotiations to allow room for bargaining. He also should send thank-you notes to each person he met with during the interview process; this sets the tone for the future relationship with an employer.

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