What Happens When You Are Locked Out of Your TD Canada Trust Online Bank Account?

happens-locked-out-td-canada-trust-online-bank-account Credit: jodelli/CC-BY 2.0

A user who is locked out of his TD Canada Trust online back account cannot log into the account and has to either contact the bank by phone or visit a local branch to have the account unlocked, as of March 2015. The password is also reset.

The user has to set up new security questions after having the account unlocked. These new security questions must be set up before the user can use his mobile banking application again. Banks typically offer login assistance for a user who has forgotten his user name or password. Login assistance may include answering security questions that the user has set up or sending him a security code to enter to regain access to his account. Methods of transmission for a security code include an email or a text message.

A user is often required to contact his bank when his account has been locked, although certain banks still allow users to use login assistance to get back into an account. An account lock is usually temporary, so he can also wait for the account to be unlocked. Account locks are designed to protect the user's account information in case an unauthorized party attempts to access the account.