What Happens If I Don't Pay Rent-A-Center?

If a consumer does not pay Rent-a-Center, the collection and repossession process begins. This can include calling the customer, either on his cell phone or at work, and contacting references that were listed on the application. If payment is not received, the merchandise can be repossessed by Rent-a-Center.

Consumers also have the option to voluntarily return the items to Rent-a-Center if they are no longer interested in fulfilling their rent-to-own agreements. Generally, the collection and repossession process goes smoothly, especially if the customer is not interested in keeping the items. Rent-a-Center may also allow consumers to repurchase the same items by resigning the initial agreement. In this case, the consumer would resume payments at the point where they left off and continue the payment agreement as initially arranged.

However, there are times when the collection and repossession process can result in legal disputes. There are some cases in which a consumer has been sent a registered letter demanding the return of the items purchased. Rent-a-Center may also move forward with filing criminal charges if a consumer refuses to return the items or allow Rent-a-Center to repossess them. This is largely because keeping the items without payment can be considered theft.