What Happens If You Don't Pay Your Public Storage Bill?

People who fail to pay their rent at self-storage facilities such as Public Storage face the risk of having their stored items sold at auction, according to John Egan for The Huffington Post. Laws dealing with this issue vary from one state to another, but typical consequences involve the auction process after a month.

In many cases, auctioning off the tenant's items is a measure of last resort. If the tenant stays in contact with the facility and makes a concerted effort to catch up on back rent, the facility sometimes shows flexibility in terms of waiting to auction the items, states Egan. If matters get to the last resort, though, the storage site holds an auction. Some states require the company to make a public announcement of the sale. It is this type of sale that motivated the filming of episodes of the show "Storage Wars."

As of 2015, Public Storage offers its clients a number of different ways to settle their bills. These include setting up an AutoPay account that debits a bank account or credit card each month. Public Storage offers a mobile website that accepts payments around the clock. Late fees accrue after the first of each month. For people who do not want to pay online, the company also accepts payments through the mail, in person on site and over the phone, explains its website.