What Does a Hair Salon Receptionist Do?


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A hair salon receptionist's primary responsibilities are to greet customers and answer the phone. A salon receptionist may also assist cosmetologists and handle displays and sales of salon products such as hair spray and nail polish. A salon receptionist is generally expected to help clean by keeping products neat and organized and shelves free of dust.

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A hair salon receptionist is the customer's first point-of-contact with the business. It is the receptionist's responsibility to make the customer feel welcomed and relaxed. The same is true with the tone of voice used to answer the phone. Salon receptionists schedule appointments and answer questions about services and prices.

Receptionists assist cosmetologists by setting timers, mixing products and obtaining color charts. Payment is collected by receptionists and tips are distributed to the cosmetologists. Receptionists should be well trained regarding the different hair care products. This makes it easier for them to answer customer questions and to make suggestions based upon a customer's hair type and needs.

At the end of a salon day, receptionists often help fold towels, sweep the floor and help wash color bowls.

A salon receptionist must be able to multitask and make split decisions. A salon receptionist is the face of the salon and an important position when it comes to making clients feel welcomed.

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