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The H.S. Dent Foundation, which as of 2015 is known as Dent Research, is a company that utilizes the Dent Method economic forecasting method to create financial and economic forecasting models for its customers. The Dent Method of economic forecasting uses the study or demographics of the entire population group that is required in the study. Dent Research's products are designed to provide accurate information that the company's customers can use to create accurate predictions about the economy.

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Dent Research's Dent Method, which was developed by Harry S. Dent Sr. during the late 1980s, claims to have a successful track of record of predicting economic changes according to its model accurately. The model allows Dent Research to predict changes in consumer behavior, such as spending patterns, combined with changes in demographics to help lead to profitable business decisions for its customers.

Dent Research's product lineups are made up of three separate categories, which are subscriptions to various report results, audio products, courses and various books, including "Spending Waves" and "The Demographic Cliff." Dent Research's staff consists of the company founder's son, Harry S. Dent Jr., and several other analysts, including Rodney Johnson, Lance Gaitan, Rodney Johnson and Charles Lewis Sizemore.

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