What Are Some Gyms With Steam Rooms?

Some gyms with steam rooms include 24 Hour Fitness and Crunch Fitness. Other gyms with steam rooms include David Barton Gyms and New York Sports Club. The availability of steam rooms in a gym depends on the gym and location.

Crunch Fitness offers steam rooms at select locations such as its Tribeca gym in New York, New York. The gym's other amenities include a sauna and full-service locker rooms.

David Barton Gyms also provide its members with steam room and sauna amenities available in certain locations including Miami, Florida. The gym also offers a rock climbing wall, interactive cardio, strength equipment and an indoor basketball court.

The 24 Hour Fitness Ultra Sport gym offers towel service and an indoor lap pool in addition to its steam rooms at its Midtown Manhattan location. The New York Sports Club, which offers steam rooms at certain locations, has more than 16 locations in Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

Steam rooms use humidity and heat to provide muscle therapy and increase sweating. Steam rooms can also unclog pores and help the skin's oil production. Since sitting in a steam room or sauna dehydrates the skin, gym participants should spend no more than 15 minutes in a steam room and should drink water to hydrate their skin.