What Are the Guidelines for Writing a Relocation Letter?


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A relocation statement is best delivered along with a cover letter that is targeted to a specific job and attached to a resume. The job applicant can either address the intent to relocate early in the cover letter or in the final paragraph of the letter.

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When the relocation statement is placed in the beginning of a cover letter, the candidate writes a cohesive first paragraph. The paragraph begins with a reason or reasons why the candidate is qualified for the job. The candidate then writes a sentence describing why the job interests him. The paragraph ends with the candidate's intent to relocate and a brief sentence concerning why and when he is moving. Alternately, mentioning the relocation in the final paragraph gives room for a detailed explanation of the event after fully expressing interest in and qualification for the job.

If the position is for a senior staff or a specialized skill job, the company is likely prepared to hire a candidate from another city and are usually prepared to fund the move. However, if the position is an entry level or a job for which local candidates are abundant, the candidate is more likely to be considered if the letter mentions he is already seeking housing by making trips to the city in preparation for the move. This indicates that the candidate is funding the move and that the move is happening whether he is given the job or not.

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